About Us 

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Haverkamp

Growing up in S.E. Washington has its advantages with an extended growing season, ample agriculture and livestock, community, and more.  Both of us grew up in the area and were raised on small farms.  We showed large and small animals and participated in 4H and FFA opportunities for years.

We developed a love for for the area and ranch life.  As adults, we have worked diligently to offer those same opportunities and passions with our children.  On the ranch, we offer seasonal alfalfa-grass hay and egg-layer chicken offerings such as table-eggs, hatching eggs, and baby chicks.  

For hay, we anticipate first cutting in Spring, please check with us early for waitlist or in-season for remnants.  For eggs, some options are available now.  Contact us to get on the reservation or wait list!

Raising Our Flock

We enjoy chicken time! 

Bottle-feeding with Charlie & Clyde

Charlie and Clyde need regular feedings and the kids are ready-helpers.

Offering Day-old Easter Egger Chicks in 2023

The AM peeps are simply the best.